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Business of the Week: Mr. Boneyfiddle's Riddle Room

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

Do you enjoy activities that cause you to think? Activities that you can do with friends and family? Well look no further than Portsmouth’s very own, Mr. Bonneyfiddle’s Riddle Room. Located on Gallia Street, they have been entertaining our community since the summer of 2018. 

Carrie Ford and Kristin Nickles started the company with the intent of bringing a unique form of entertainment the county had never seen before. They have personally created over 100 escape rooms. In their current location, they have three themed rooms for you to enjoy. 

The first room is called, "Something's In The Parlour". Whether you are by yourself, or have a team of 8, you can enjoy this room. This room is "haunted" by spirits that will not leave. Can you solve this riddle without becoming trapped forever?

The second room is called, "Fright Night". In this room, you will have to solve the riddle of Mr. Boneyfiddle's horror house before they catch you.

The third room takes a sweet twist. Mr. Boneyfiddle needs your help in taste testing his newly perfected pie recipe. You and your team will have to solve this riddle before you become an ingredient in the next batch.

The Riddle Room also offers a mobile escape room that can be rented for your own party! You will often see them setting up at local festivals across the region. This particular trailer offers 2 fully functioning escape rooms. 

COVID-19 has played a part in the lives of the Riddle Room’s day to day operations. They have been closed this summer and will remain closed to keep everyone in the community safe. They are gearing up for fall and cannot wait to welcome everyone back. 

Talking with them they told me, “The community acceptance of an escape room has been amazing and to consistently have people reaching out and asking when we will resume operations has been overwhelming. We can’t wait to be back in action and offering the people of Scioto County a way to escape reality!” 

This fall, when you are looking for something fun to do for date night, or a girls night out, check out Mr. Boneyfiddle’s Riddle Room. You are guaranteed to have a fun and brain-teasing experience. 

For now, make sure to follow them on social media! They will be posting updates about their reopening plans, along with little brain teasers to keep your mind running during your wait.


Facebook: @boneyriddleroom

Instagram: @boneyfiddleriddle

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