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Introducing Doc Dimento

Local Happenings

Doc grew up in a small town in southern Ohio and after some brief schooling at Indiana and Purdue Universities and Moody Bible Institute, in the Chicago area.

Afterwards, he moved to Pittsburgh, PA, to help grow one of the 100 fastest growing corporations in the USA accordingly to Inc. Magazine.

While traveling four continents extensively as an Industrial Scientist, he shared a liquid metals refining process that he originated, to improve quality and production performance of ferrous metals worldwide. 

The process and its’ technology are used in virtually every vehicle produced on the planet today. 

Moreover, high quality steels utilize this technology extensively for a broad scope of high strength steel applications. 

Married to his lovely wife for over half a century together, they spawned three children who multiplied into nine living grandchildren. 

They now live back in southern Ohio where he produces videos, writes screenplays (some which have been produced and earned awards), writing blogs, short stories, and books, while also enjoying the reading, the great outdoors, and traveling.



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