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Our Story: Hanes Chevrolet

By Doc Dimento | Local Happenings

Sitting out in the northeast corner of Scioto County, Ohio is a jewel of a business whose number one interest is you and me. Oh, you’ve heard stories about car dealers and car salesman, but in this day and age which we live, here’s one that is amazing. 

At the onset of The Great Depression in 1929, Samuel Hanes, who was your basic wheeler dealer property and equipment farmer, set out to sell cars; Chevrolet cars. Finding it difficult to get funding, Sam eventually sourced $1,200 through a local Morgan-Chase owned bank and with his brother Lester, the two began selling Chevrolet cars out of a horse barn just a few blocks from where the dealership resides today, at the corner of Main Street (SR 140) and Jackson Street (CR 11) in South Webster, Ohio.