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Our Story: Hanes Chevrolet

By Doc Dimento | Local Happenings

Sitting out in the northeast corner of Scioto County, Ohio is a jewel of a business whose number one interest is you and me. Oh, you’ve heard stories about car dealers and car salesman, but in this day and age which we live, here’s one that is amazing. 

At the onset of The Great Depression in 1929, Samuel Hanes, who was your basic wheeler dealer property and equipment farmer, set out to sell cars; Chevrolet cars. Finding it difficult to get funding, Sam eventually sourced $1,200 through a local Morgan-Chase owned bank and with his brother Lester, the two began selling Chevrolet cars out of a horse barn just a few blocks from where the dealership resides today, at the corner of Main Street (SR 140) and Jackson Street (CR 11) in South Webster, Ohio. 

This gem is just a short 18 miles from Portsmouth, and definitely worthy of a visit. No high pressure, no pushing extended warranties, or filling up the sales agreement with an overload of additional profits, just simple advice, well rounded care, and help when needed. While you’re there you might get to meet Forest and Ginny (dogs), or Pockets the cat. 

In Scioto and surrounding counties, we are fortunate to find business owners like Gary and Steve Hanes to help us with our transportation decisions. You see, even though we can cut a deal on the internet, who is it that is going to be there when the surprise arrives and the purchase no longer works. Here’s another thing, what if the purchase we want to make isn’t right for us, you know like that regular cab pickup truck we want to load a wife and two kids into? Well, the Hanes’ boys will do their part and talk us out of the sale, even to suggesting we wait. Wow. 

Carl Hanes, Gary and Steve’s dad, joined the dealership in 1939 as did their mom’s brother, Uncle Alonzo (until 1973). Gary joined the dealership in 1976 after receiving a degree and teaching certificate for Health and P.E. and today runs the sales and operation of the business, while his brother Steven joined three years earlier in ‘73 and serves as the business manager, with financing, insurance, inventory, finances, etc. Add to these two one of the Hanes’ distinctive secret advantages to their businesses success; their team. “The secret to our success is the people that work here. We have the best,” Gary points out. “Without them, we’re just another car dealer.” Their simple, down to earth team, is complimented by their two sales professionals, Mitch McCoy and Bryan McGlone. 

Today, third generation Gary and Steven Hanes, carry that same philosophy that made Grandpa Samuel and Lester Hanes a success. “Keep it Simple; Give the Customer Free Buying Advise; and above all, Be Honest,” even if it means, telling them to wait to buy a car or turning down a customer from making a wrong buying decision. How about that? It’s hard to find that kind of care, concern, and help, in a difficult investment decision. No finding out how much the customer can afford then park them in what fits the profit line favorably, but making sure the customer gets what they need. For one, I’m in. 

There are other attributes that make their 94 year history, a success, for one; Customer Service & Care. That’s right, a loaner if your car purchase needs service, even to swinging by and picking it up. That’s worth something if you ask me. What’s more, at their dual corners location they have a full service body shop, latest technology servicing equipment and training, and used cars that are beyond expectation. What I mean by that is this, their used cars are hard to tell from the new ones, and if you can, it’s because that car is headed to the auction. Hanes’ used cars are from former customers. 

Before putting this article together, I personally surveyed several Hanes’ customers, which in part was my reason for selecting them as my first in this series of “Our Story.” Their customers are loyal, they don’t just like Hanes Chevrolet, they love them. We should be proud to have a car dealer that thinks more of us, the buyer, than themselves . . . hmmmmm . . . where have I heard this before . . . “The Store With A Heart.” 

Doc Dimento grew up in a small town in southern Ohio. He moved to Pittsburg, PA to help build one of the fastest growing corporations in the United States . He later moved back home with his wife, and is now producing videos, writes screenplays, writing blogs, short stories, and books. Find out more about him on Facebook.


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