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Business of the Week: The Golden Gavel Jewelry Design and Repair

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

Everyone has had that favorite piece of jewelry that doesn't shine like it used to or has been broken by everyday life accidents. Maybe you received a ring that just didn't fit right. I know I have!

The Golden Gavel Jewelry Repair and Design can help solve all of your problems. They provide fast, fair, professional jewelry repair and custom design work that is done in house!

Dr. Jeffrey Miller is the owner of this amazing business. He is set up inside of the Trinity Building located at 613 Chillicothe Street in downtown Portsmouth.

Dr. Miller started his business in April of 2018. He told me that he enjoys working with his hands. His dear friend Keith Bowling, who passed away, convinced him to apprentice and attend schooling for jewelry repair and design down in Florida.

Dr. Miller is running solo in his business focusing on quality repair or design. Within this business he is able to minister to the homeless and addicted members of our community. He told me that he loves nothing more than to be a blessing to others.

Within this job, every appointment is different. Dr. Miller gives every possible option to the customer before he begins his work so that they know what the cost will be and if he foresees any difficulties. He promises to be honest and upfront with you for every job you bring to him.

Recently I went to Dr. Miller when I needed to get my rings cleaned and resized. I had to make an appointment due to the building’s new COVID regulations.

I talked with him about how COVID has affected his business and he told me, “Due to Covid, I am working by appointment so that individuals are protected from crowds and other individuals, as best as I can. COVID has slowed my business but, I am blessed to have the community support that I have. THANK YOU for supporting LOCAL business!! STAY BLESSED AND SAFE, folks!!”

Get all of your jewelry repair and design needs done with The Golden Gavel Jewelry Repair and Design. Message him on Facebook to set up your appointment, TODAY!

Facebook: @Goldengaveljewelry

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