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Is Your Faith Strong?

By Del Duduit | Local Happenings

Does it take hours, weeks, and even months to build?

How hard do you work at making yourself spiritually stronger?

My friend Liz Brisker, from Minford, knows a little something about becoming more powerful. I have watched and noticed her change over the past two years at the same gym we attend. She also graduated high school with my youngest son.

The 25-year-old respiratory therapist used a wounded heart to catapult her desire to be a bodybuilder.

“It was always within me, I think, and when I brought it up to my partner, he didn’t see or appreciate the sport and the competition and didn’t support me,” she said. "It kind of ended right there."

She called off the engagement and turned her focus on herself.

“I liked looking strong, especially after the relationship ended,” she said. “And it was the turning point in my life. I developed the strength not to care anymore about that.”

Liz hired a coach and her aspirations to turn pro are coming closer each week. She recently returned from the NPC (National Physique Committee) North American Championships in Pittsburgh where she earned sixth place in the wellness division.

In mid-October, she is heading to Charleston, South Carolina to the NPC Universe where she has hopes of winning a card to turn professional.

Liz has a strict work ethic but admitted at times she is harder on herself than some of her critics.