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Local Happenings and WNXT Restaurant of the Week - '83 Sweets

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

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Right off Highway 23 sits a shop that creates homemade, delicious treats. ‘83 Sweets is nestled in the small town of Lucasville, Ohio.

Mother and Daughter duo, Julie Blackburn and Alyssa Logan, started this business in honor of Alyssa’s grandmother, Norma Jean.

With Alyssa being born in the 80’s, she learned her most important baking skills from her grandmother, and wanted to continue that theme within her business.

With their fun 80’s theme menu, they love to share their homemade cupcakes with the community. Their cupcakes have brought them great achievement.

They won Cupcake Wars, a reality competition series on Food Network, with guest star, Cody Simpson. Having gone on the show twice, they received the title of “runner up”, this time with guest star, Tony Hawk.

They have appeared in many magazines, both local and nationally (The Know, Mingle, and Boho Style). They have made cupcakes for some really cool people too.

The Cincinnati Reds and Urban Myers are just a few of their clients. Julie’s favorite menu item is her homemade baklava and the buckeye cupcake (with hand whipped peanut buttercream).

Alyssa enjoys their seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice cupcakes in the fall, and lavender cupcakes in the spring!

When asked what the local support means to them during this time, they said, “We cannot express the gratitude that the community has shown us with continuously placing several curbside/delivery orders and still keeping us very very busy! The majority of our orders are family and friends taking and dropping cupcakes off to loved ones that are quarantined and cannot leave, it is so encouraging and wonderful we can be a part of that sentiment of cupcake kindness. We had to go from 7 people to just the two of us again but we handle it because we started out with just the two of us and we can work our way through this together!”

Next time you are craving something sweet, consider calling in and seeing what their “flavors of the day” are, and enjoy a delicious treat!

You can find them on the Local Happenings website under Lucasville Restaurants! Click here to check them out at Local Happenings!


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