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Restaurant Of The Week: Misty's Kone Shoppe

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

This week’s story is one that is close to my heart. As a child, when visiting my great-grandmother, we would go to Misty’s Kone Shoppe. She lived right around the corner from the dairy bar and I always knew we had arrived once we saw the sign. 

Opened in 1985 by Marvin Hull and Ronnie Chamberlin, this old fashioned dairy bar has always been a hometown favorite. Today, it is now owned by Jim and Anita Vastine. 

Jim’s favorite menu item is their footer (with sauce), fries, and a chocolate milkshake. ANita loves the fishtail sandwich or pulled pork BBQ with corn nuggets. 

When talking to Jim, he told me that Anits is the “half of what makes Misty’s what they are”. She is there every day running the business and helping out in the kitchen.

Jim has been involved with Misty’s Kone Shoppe for many years. Marvin gave him an opportunity to deliver the food and he jumped right in. 

Over the years he always told Marvin that he would buy the dairy bar from him one day. Once Marvin passed away, he made an offer to Ronnie and “the rest is history”. 

Mary’s Kone Shoppe loves to support local businesses. They buy 95% of their products from Valley Wholesale Foods. 

They also pride themselves in their homemade items. All of their hand dipped ice cream is handmade as well as their footer sauce. Just like Marvin in 1985, their footer sauce is made fresh daily with products bought from Deemers. 

With COVID cases increasing and procaustions having to be made everywhere, I talked with Jim about how this has affected their business and he told me, “The support we have received locally is unreal. During this unprecedented time, we were able to stay open and provide our services to this great community., and the community in turn came out and supported us without fail. We have to say we are blessed, the patronage this community has shown us is so appreciative of words we can't express. Knowing we can put a smile on someone’s face and warmth in their heart really is why we do what we do. The old adage of finding something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life applies.”

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