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Thankful Thursday's: Mylee's Missions

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

Mylee’s Missions is a community based organization with a focus on helping our local area as well as many parts in Southern Ohio. Their main goal is getting the Gospel out to our community throughout several routes such as, community events, gospel tracts, and speaking events.

Their main event of the year takes place on the first Saturday in December every year. This event takes place at Portsmouth High School and the 2nd Presbyterian Church. The first event was in December of 2010, which makes this year their 10th year of hosting this event.

Mylee’s Missions takes great pride in spreading the Gospel as a first priority. They told me that without the Gospel, everything else is valueless.

Other than the Gospel, they also give out tangible items: toys, coats, sweatshirts, kid bags, blessing boxes (for kids and adults), bibles, baby supplies, groceries, hams, and family pictures.

Their list is endless and they find creative ways to make sure everyone’s needs are met to the best of their abilities.

Mylee’s Missions is supported by over 30 churches in Southern Ohio. These churches come together to support in various ways. Some churches support financial means throughout the year (or by one annual check).

Other churches send volunteers to help during this enormous event. These volunteers do various things from wrapping toys, putting together grocery bags or kid bags, and they also help during the setup/teardown days.

This year’s Mylee’s Missions Christmas event will take place on Saturday, December 5th from 11am to 1:30pm. They will be accepting vehicles and people until 11:30 and then closing down the lot.

Once the presentation is finished and the parking lot is cleared, they will have a second and final group around 12:30pm.

As you can imagine, COVID has taken an effect on this year’s planning. They have lost that intimate interaction with the community that they look forward to and cherish every year.

During normal times, they are able to spend time with the groups that come in and are able to learn about everyone as well as their struggles and hardships. This has always given them the ability to minister to them in a very close way.

This year is going to be a lot different. Their presentation will be outdoors accompanied with a walk through line and a drive through line for items to be passed out.

Even though COVID has put some regulations on the way we can do things, there are still ways that you can help support Mylee’s Missions. Their top need, as they told me, would be financial support.

Each and every item that is passed out to each family are brand new items. They do this to ensure that every child and family are on an equal term as far as what they are receiving.

Another way to give back is if you attend a local church that participates in filling the Blessing Boxes and Bag groceries, to help them get those filled.

To them, the most valuable thing that they are asking for is your time in prayer for the event and mainly the families that come through this event who are in need.

Checks or money can be mailed to Mylee’s Missions at 640 2nd Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662

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