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The Story of Portsmouth: In the Beginning

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

Story's inspired from "The Story of Portsmouth" by Elmer Sword.

This new blog series dives deep into the rich history that surrounds Portsmouth. From the beginning in 1799 to the Atomic Boom of 1952, this series will give you the history of our area that you may have never known.

So what mysterious history surrounds us? Follow along our “Did You Know” series every Monday!

Our information comes from Elmer Sword in his book, “The Story of Portsmouth”. Mr. Sword was born in Scioto County where he attended both Portsmouth and Clay schools.

He was a proud United States Air Force veteran. He served during the Korean conflict from 1951 to 1961.

Mr. Sword was married to the love of his life, Marilyn M Bayless, who was also a native of Portsmouth. Together, they have a beautiful son and daughter.

Mr. Sword dedicated this book to his wife and so that we all may understand a bit more about our county’s history.