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Burnside Law: Fuel for Frontline Workers

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

Burnside Law is a Tri-State Injury Law firm. Their home office sits on Hutchins street right here in Portsmouth, Ohio.

They have always been an organization that supports our local community, so it was no surprise to see them supporting our frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday, May 7th, their team geared up to make sure these frontline workers felt appreciated, and to do what they could to support them during this time. From 7 o’clock pm to 9 o’clock pm they were set up at the Marathon Gas Station, located on the Scioto Trail.

The team was assigned different roles in order to make sure this flowed smoothly. Attorney Jeremy Burnside was among some of the people who pumped gas for the frontline workers.

They partnered up with Affiliated Financial Group, a growing financial firm in our area, along with the Portsmouth Police Department for help in directing traffic. With this project, they were able to serve over 300 people in only two hours!

Over $5,000 was contributed from Burnside Law and Affiliated Financial Group with Burnside Law being the majority contributor. All types of frontline workers waited in line for more than a block to fuel up.

This project meant a lot to the team at Burnside Law. To them, it was an honor to support our local frontline workers during these times of uncertainty.

They decided to do this because they knew how much time was sacrificed from these workers to their families while working these high-risk situations.

When asked why they decided to do this, they said, “We wanted to show our gratitude for all they do. Burnside Law prides itself on its several community initiatives and this time, we wanted to do something special for our frontline workers that work tirelessly to keep us safe.”


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