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Business of the Week: Amelia Gray Skincare & Cosmetics

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

Do you need a “me” day? Are you looking for that perfect gift for your significant other? Look no further than Amelia Gray Skincare & Cosmetics. They are now a full salon and spa that can service all your beauty needs. 

Tarrah Bouts started this business in 2015 and just celebrated its’ 5 year anniversary on August 1st! She named the salon after her two kids, Amelia and Grayson.

Having started out with only 4 part time employees, today they have 16 employees (9 full time) and are actively interviewing for 2 additional full time positions. 

Tarrah gained this love for beauty from her grandmother. Growing up, she owned a one woman nail salon and always took Tarrah with her. Tarrah landed her first job at a makeup counter here in Portsmouth. 

At the time, she was pursuing her associate’s degree at SSU, but something kept pulling her towards the beauty industry. She established her career at Portsmouth’s own, Gabby's Salon. 

Tarrah’s daughter, Amelia, was born with a very rare genetic mutation. This condition specifically affects the way she looks, as well as her overall health. Her prognosis was not looking good, and Tarrha’s view of the world had changed.

She realized that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. She knew that beauty does not have to be shocking transformations of appearance. She wanted to instill that knowledge and self confidence to her daughter, and to our community. 

Amelia Gray offers a variety of services. They offer hair services, massage therapy, skin treatments (relaxing and advanced acne), lash extensions, and brow design.

They also retail major cosmetic brands such as BareMinerals, Buxom, and Smashbox. Due to them being a “Class Elite” spa, you can also find Bioelements skin care. 

COVID is still a relevant topic, so I spoke with Tarrah about how it has impacted their business. Back in the spring, salons were closed for about 8 weeks in Ohio, so revenue was a concern for them. However, their team was able to come together and find a quick turnaround for their clients. 

Tarrah and her team had talked with their clients and realized that they started getting what people are calling, “maskne”. This is acne caused by wearing a mask. They were able to show their clients home remedies to quickly get rid of it. 

Their wedding clients were cancelling/postponing their services at a rapid rate. Maddy Howell, a team leader/stylist, started providing free tutorials on instagram and YouTube for all of the brides who decided to elope during quarantine. 

Amelia Gray has been a valuable asset to our community. They have been a light during this dark time, and continue to evolve their company to the community’s needs.

Go check them out here on our site! 

Instagram: @ameliagrayskincare 

Facebook: @ameliagrayskincare 




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