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Business Of The Week: PSKC CrossFit

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

Have you been in downtown Portsmouth and witnessed a group of people running around? For me, it usually happens when I’m eating something not-so-healthy, and I usually end up not finishing whatever it is that I’m eating. 

This group of people probably belongs to PSKC CrossFit. If you have seen these people, you can tell just how hard they work. On sunny days, rainy days, and even cold days, they are always hard at work.

Dale King is a proud veteran who came back to his hometown of Portsmouth to chase his next dream; improving our community. He has been providing fitness classes, stress reduction, nutrition advice, and accountability to our community since August of 2010. 

Through PSKC CrossFit, there have been many great things developed, such as other businesses and life-long friendships. PSKC CrossFit has impacted the lives of so many people in this community.

His most recent, and very notable accomplishment, would be the Kettlebell project. He, and a team from Rogue and OSCO, forged, machined, powder-coated, packaged, and transported kettlebells. This was after King had learned about the Kettlebell shortage during 2020. 

Doc Spartan is another very notable company that has come out of PSKC. Doc Spartan is a company that provides creams, essential oils, powders, apparel, and more. You will experience the best ingredients while also supporting local all at the same time. 

Talking with them about COVID and how it has affected their business, they told me that they had to shut down for several weeks. During that time, however, they said that they had never felt more supported by their members and our community. 

If you are looking into changing your lifestyle, check out PSKC CrossFit, located at 549 3rd St in Portsmouth! You can also check them out on Facebook (@PortsmouthSpartanKettlebellClub) and Instagram (@pskc_crossfit)

For more information on Doc Spartan products, check them out on

Facebook @docspartanproducts

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