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Restaurant of the Week

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

Perry’s Pizza Barn has been a local favorite for years! Owned by the Jennings family, they are located in Sciotoville. They are a family owned & operated business. Loving their community and always wanting to serve it, you will feel like family at Parry’s Pizza Barn.

They bought the business after it had been closed around June of 2019. Perry’s had been open since 1977, when it was started by Dan Perry.

The Jennings love all of their menu items, but if they had to choose, their chicken/bacon/ranch pizza, cheese dough, and antipasto salad would be their top three choices!

When Dan Perry originally bought the building, it was an old pool hall. When he turned it into a pizza shop, he also had a small grocery shop inside. Mr. Perry also sold candy that he kept behind the counter.

When he noticed the kids couldn’t see over the counter, he built a step just so they could see over it. Ask anyone who grew up & went to Perry’s and they will tell you about his candy step!

COVID has affected their business, just like it has to all of our restaurants here in Scioto County. When asked what the local support meant to them they said, “Local/community support is extremely important. Our business wouldn’t make it without the support of our community. When people found out that we were reopening Perry’s, they just kept thanking us. Since we have been open, the community support has been amazing. We can’t thank them enough. We just hope that each person who comes to Perry’s Pizza Barn has a good experience & if we make a mistake, which we know will happen, we’ll make it right.”

Consider stopping by Perry’s Pizza Barn the next time you’re in the mood for some delicious pizza! Click here to view their menu and new hours.



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