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Restaurant Of The Week: Sakura

By Audrey Stratton | Local Happenings

In Wheelersburg sits a restaurant that people travel all over for! Sakura has been a local favorite since they have opened. Shirley and Kevin Zheng are the proud owners of this Japanese Hibachi cuisine restaurant. 

Having moved from South Carolina, they came here and originally opened China City. After running that restaurant for five years, they decided to buy a building in Wheelersburg to open another restaurant. 

Shirley and Kevin are fans of all of the items on their menu, but their favorite is their shrimp udon and the Sakura special. 

Sakura is a family owned and operated business. They hired family members that had previous experiences in working at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. 

They pride themselves on the freshness of their food. All of their food is fresh and never pre-cooked. They also do not serve a lot of deep fried foods. 

Being in a small town, local support means everything to them. They told me how they were very thankful for all of their customers that supported us during their reopening after COVID. They wish they were able to thank each and every one who supported them. 

They are very grateful and cannot wait to fully open up the dining area for everyone to come back in. 

Make sure you check them out for your next meal! View their menu here



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